The other day my sister put a picture up on Facebook.  It was a family picture (mom, dad, brother, sister and me) from 2002 at the Indiana High School North/South Volleyball All-Star game.  My sister, who is now married and has a daughter, captioned with picture with, “Back when I didn’t have a care in the world…”

I read things like that and it drives me crazy.  I have always had a sense of urgency about everything.  When I was an athlete, it was about getting ahead, winning a state championship and earning a scholarship.  On the training side of PANKO Strength & Speed, it’s about staying on the cutting edge, making sure PSS athletes are a step faster and setting the curve.  On the business side of PANKO Strength & Speed, it’s staying significant by providing an experience that is unavailable outside the four walls of the Complex.  What athletes value most is LIMITED and in some cases EXCLUSIVE, it’s hard to get and in short availability.  If it were not LIMITED and EXCLUSIVE, it would not be so valuable.

Starting positions…LIMITED and more LIMITED depending on the sport

Post Season Recognition/All-Tournament/State/American Teams…Highly SELECTED


Scholarships…Very EXCLUSIVE

The trivial many compete for the vital few.  The masses are all competing for the limited opportunity. It’s time to make an honest assessment of your athlete.

Are they leading the many?  Setting the curve for the many?  Are they the standard by which others are measured?  Are the many catching up and closing in on your athlete?  Is your athlete lost in the many?

Making this realization may not be the most comfortable thing for a parent, but when these questions are honestly answered, we can set about fixing the issue.  The issue is whether or not your athlete is really ready to go achieve the objectives laid out above.

Do you see a different set of behaviors that is leading you to believe this really will be the year your athlete breaks out of the mold that has contained them?

Maybe they/you do not know where to turn.

Maybe your athlete has the physical tools but lacks the psychological tools.  Maybe your athlete has the psychological and emotional tools but lacks the physical tools.

Maybe they do not know how to implement what they have to use it for what they want.

Can they be a better athlete?  Can they be a stronger leader?  Is there character that of a producer, a leader or a difference maker?

Bottom line:  I teach athletes how to become one of the highly sought after ELITE.  I teach them to break through the barriers of the many to enter the realm of the few.

What are PSS athletes doing?  They are producing starting spots, making elite teams and winning State Championships.  They are earning college scholarships, getting Academic All-America and All-America status.  They are graduating college at the top of their class.  They are operating and leading some of the finest men on this planet in the most elite teams on this planet.  They are making a difference.

PANKO Strength & Speed does what no other program can.  We physically prepare young individuals to succeed in the short term, as athletes, with innovative training systems while preparing them to prosper, as leaders, with championship character that will serve them for a lifetime.

Come be part of the elite!