A parent called the other day and asked a question that was so absurd even I struggled to answer.
I was so blown back by the question my first instinct was to jump through the phone to choke them.
After I gathered myself and created a long pause I answered.

The question:  “Do your athletes have success?”
The answer:  “Success is relative.”

Now from the “rel” in relative to the “ive” in relative I figured out what to say next, “If you want the objective brass stats here they are:  over 10 PANKO Strength & Speed athletes have been State Champions.  Over 50 athletes that have trained at PANKO Strength & Speed have been All-State Athletes and over 50 athletes have earned college scholarships – all since 2011.”

I’m not sales pitchy so I fumbled.  Of course, PSS athletes have success, but it occurred to me that I do not proclaim the undeniable success of PANKO Strength & Speed athletes…enough.

Here are some:

PANKO Strength & Speed has served as the training provider for three high school teams.  Within in the same season of that training, one team was State Champions in volleyball and one team was State Runner Up in Wrestling.

Wrestlers are the most successful group of athletes.  The core of the 2015-16 group (three freshman and a sophomore) have all trained at PANKO Strength & Speed since the first year of business.  2015-16 will be the most successful year PSS wrestlers have ever had and all four will compete for State Championships.
Every female high school athlete that currently trains at PANKO Strength & Speed will receive scholarship money to play collegiate athletics.

PANKO Strength & Speed is the official training partner of Avon Junior Athletic Association and spent the winter training four Avon Baseball Club teams as well as three Avon Assault Softball Teams.
In the sixth year of business, the core of PANKO Strength & Speed athletes are high school sophomores in their third or fourth year of training.  They will all play college sports and one has already made a Division I commitment to play softball.

Multiple athletes are at United States’ Service Academies.

Currently high school athletes that play the following sports will earn college scholarships: football, volleyball, boys’ and girls’ soccer, wrestling, boys’ basketball, boys’ and girls’ track and field, baseball and softball.

College athletes that trained at PSS in high school are playing college football, volleyball, men’s and women’s soccer, wrestling, baseball and softball.

Most importantly, the athletes at PANKO Strength & Speed are leaders.  They are training for the present but also focusing on the future when the true value of the Culture will be recognized.