PANKO Strength & Speed has programs for ALL athletes.

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No matter the sport, PANKO Strength & Speed builds, progresses, and advances the performance level of ALL athletes regardless the age or ability level. The training experience at PANKO Strength & Speed also builds top notch character. Athletes that commit themselves to the CARNIVORE Culture are GUARANTEED to be more prepared for the most important challenge for any athlete – LIFE. PANKO Strength & Speed’s character development program will teach athletes to PERSIST through the obstacles that life presents, PERFORM at the level that others are unwilling to execute, and PREVAIL to be the exception.

Below is the foundation of the training at PANKO Strength & Speed. Each one is integral to success of athletes that train at PSS.

Speed Training

Combine Preparation

Acceleration/First Step

Multi-Directional Speed/Changing Direction

Reactive/Plyometric Training

Strength Training

  Upper Body Strength Training

  Lower Body Strength Training

  Strongman Training

  Body Weight Strength Training

  Energy System Training for Sport