“Cutting Edge Training Program is a Game Changer For Offensive and Defensive Linemen.”

Acquire, session by session, the athleticism AND the necessary skills it takes to dominate on the offensive and defensive line!

The most dangerous players on the football field are the athletes. Certain players are a cut above everyone else, whether its getting to the point of attack and dominating the point of attack.

Bottom line…the best linemen possess SKILL, KNOWLEDGE, and ATHLETICISM.

OL and DL need to be strong, the need to be powerful, they need to be able to change directions, but they also need to know how to use their hands, hips, and feet.

They need to control their bodyweight, base of support, and center of gravity and if they want to win they need to control the LINE OF SCRIMMAGE they need to control the bodyweight, base of support and center of gravity of the man across from them.

Lets face it, the dangerous linemen are the fast ones nobody can get their hands on, or the strong ones nobody can control. Now is the time to become the ultimate lineman – an athlete in their trenches with devastating ability to use hands, hips, and feet with revolutionary skills and knowledge of football.

Most think you’re one or the other.  BUT YOU CAN BE BOTH!

You can be bigger!

You can be stonger!

You can be faster!

You can be the most explosive player on the field!  You need to be the most explosive player on the field.

And you can have revolutionary knowledge of the game with cutting edge skill sets that place you at the top of the food chain in the trenches.

It’s why you’re reading this right now.

What’s holding young linemen back is not lack of effort.

They have trained and they have learned football, but they have NEVER been in a skill-based performance training program that will give them cutting edge athleticism, game changing skill sets, and tenacity!

PANKO Strength & Speed is excited to introduce:

LINEMAN U is the hybrid training program from PANKO Strength & Speed that will develop more powerful, explosive, and mentally tougher linemen with the necessary skill sets to compete at the highest levels.

Offensive and Defensive Linemen will:

    • Be more explosive within 10 yards and learn to control the line of scrimmage
    • Apply proper change of direction and center of gravity to football specific situations
    • Learn, build, and develop innovative ways to be the ULTIMATE ATHLETE in the trenches
    • Many fresh new drills that will keep their neural and muscular response levels high
    • An incredible change of pace from the typical football learning environment

Some of what will be covered for Offensive Line Play in LINEMAN U:

    • Over 10 Run Block Steps
    • Reading and Understanding Fronts
    • Man and Zone Pass Blocking
    • Proper Kick Sliding
    • Run Block Execution versus DL stunts

Some of what will be covered for Defensive Line Play in LINEMAN U:

    • How to Defeat Multiple Run Block Steps
    • Stunts and Twists
    • Proven Action for Taking on Double Teams to Stay Out of LB’s laps
    • Over Five Different Types of Pass Rush
    • Controlling the Offensive Lineman’s Center of Gravity

Athletes will also get access to…

    • Individual One on Ones
    • Sled Work
    • Stance and Start
    • Breaking Down Combine Tests
    • Learning to Work in Linear and Lateral Planes

No LINEMAN should start next season without being part of LINEMAN U!

But do not take our word for it, read what LINEMAN U campers and parents say…

The training at PSS is the best training a young lineman can recieve.  Few programs will focus on game knowledge and skill while making better athletes! – NCAA D1 All-America

“I learned more knowledge and technique at LINEMAN U than I have in six years of playing football.”

“At another camp, the coaches were amazed at his handwork and footwork.  LINEMAN U is the best and we will be back!”

“The coaching, the technique, and the training were more in depth than any other camp my son has attended.”

If you are not completely satisfied with LINEMAN U, you will receive money back.  You have everything to gain and we assume all the risk.  This training will revolutionize the way linemen approach training.  Be on the edge and set the curve.

Vince Lombardi was right, LINEMEN DO WIN FOOTBALL GAMES

Adrian Panko, Chief Steward of the American Dream