Evan Smiley placed 4th at 145 lbs.

Nathan Walton placed 8th at 170 lbs.

Gunnar Larson placed 5th at 220 lbs.

Fresh off the finest weekend of wrestling Indiana offers, I want to reach out to you about PANKO Strength & Speed going back to our roots.  When the business started five years ago all I had were wrestlers.  I loved it!  I miss it badly – and I am rebuilding it!  I am back in Plainfield full time and I am going to rebuild the wrestling training part of PANKO Strength & Speed with the toughest wrestlers I can find and put kids on TOP of the podium!

I will be selective and will offer probationary sessions to see if the wrestlers that I am looking for fit my culture, the culture of the wrestlers that already train and are prepared to do whatever it takes to WIN!  But I don’t want them to just win, I will train them to stomp on throats, rip out hearts and crush souls.  I will demand they set high goals, I will teach them to achieve those goals and I will demand higher goals be set.  PSS will be creating physical and psychological machines.

In his post-match interview a wrestler was asked if he felt satisfied since he won his third State Championship.  As he shook his head his response was, “Never satisfied, never satisfied.”  When asked what he was going to do the wrestler said, “keep working hard, people want to beat me.  Keep getting faster, keep working hard.”  That’s the mind-set.  That’s the attitude.

If your son, wrestlers or teammates have what it takes to make the next step PANKO Strength & Speed should be part of their off-season.  Since 2011, 37 State Qualifiers have supplemented theirstrength and speed training and conditioning at PANKO Strength & Speed.  19 of the 37 were State Placewinners.  12 of the 19 were Top 4.  6 of the 12 wrestled under the lights for a State Championship.  3 of the 6 were State Champions.

If you want to punch through the ticket round, if you want to win your last match and finish on TOP of the podium, if you are ready to quit leaving some on the table, you’ll come to PANKO Strength & Speed.  Wrestlers need PANKO Strength & Speed.  They need it for what it will do for them physically.  They need it for what it will do for them psychologically.  They need it for what it will do for them emotionally.  2015-2016 will be our best class of wrestlers and it will be our most successful weekend at the State Finals.

I already have wrestlers training, but I expect to see many in early March.  I accommodate kids that train at wrestling academies and with their schools and clubs so having to be flexible with scheduling is something I deal with regularly.  I have multiple-sessions-a-week and once-a-week options, so do not be close minded.  Any time any wrestler gets to PSS with the CARNIVORE Culture is better than nothing at all.

It’s not confidence, its certainty.

Call/Text (317) 697-7525

E-mail ap@pankostrengthandspeed.com

GOING BACK TO OUR WRESTLING ROOTS and taking more wrestlers than ever before to the top!

PS – Do not forget, pass this along to wrestlers that you think can handle PSS.