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A catalyst speeds up an action. Being the coach, parent(s) of an athlete or being an athlete can be paradoxical, bewildering, and confusing when it comes growth and development. There are so many opportunities to be involved with travel teams, playing at high levels, and playing sports collegiately, but there are few resources to guide people along the way.

The questions revolve around getting athletes stronger, faster, less susceptible to injury, and staying stronger, faster, and less susceptible to injury. There is so much information about what should and should not be done to train for sports. It can be difficult sifting the information.

Questions about preventing and coming back from injuries, strategies to implement and who to see, trust, and utilize; and where to find resources on performance-based care, which is best for athletes.There are questions about sports psychology, having the mindset of a champion, and developing mental toughness that spans the ends of the Earth so that obstacles may be overcome in pursuit of excellence.

Finally, there are questions about recruiting, getting athletes exposure, and getting the attention of coaches to offer scholarships. Alpha Athlete is here to answer all of those questions and many more. The absolute best minds in the fields of sports performance training, prevention and rehabilitation of injuries, excelling with the mindset of a champion, and recruiting will advise athletes and parents each month on how they can become the ALPHA – the best.

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