About Us

Core Values

1. Accept the Challenge and Lead from the Front
2. Execute with Honesty and Integrity
3. Stewardship Creates Legacy
4. Relationships built on Trust will last longer than any sports career
5. Sacrifice what most cannot and will not
6. Achieve what most cannot and will not
7. Believe in the American Dream

Core Culture

PANKO Strength & Speed (est. 2009) is Central Indiana’s innovator in athlete-exclusive sports performance training facilities. The training experience focuses on all aspects of physical, psychological and emotional development of the athlete.

The integrated programming, based on principles of overload, progression and conjugation with respect to the specific needs of each athlete, ensures advancement and achievement of each athlete’s skill sets necessary to the greatest success.
The widespread accomplishment of athletes has led to Division 1 scholarships for football, volleyball, soccer, wrestling, basketball, baseball, softball and track as well as State Champions and High School and College All-Americans.

PANKO Strength & Speed physically prepares individuals to succeed in the short term, as athletes, with innovative and proven training systems while preparing them to prosper, as leaders, with championship character that will serve them a lifetime.